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Hinduism may at first appear to be a complicated philosophical system for an inquirer, but if we venture deeper into this noble pursuit, we discover its simplicity and wonder. We become pleasantly enraptured by the Veda's heart-warning teachings of simple living and high thinking.

Bhaktivinode Thakur, one of the most prominent teachers of the turn of the century, wrote in his work entitled. Bhagavata: "The Bhagavata teaches us the relationship between man and God, and we must all attain this knowledge. This sublime truth is the point where the materialist and the idealist must meet like brothers of the same school and this is the point to which all philosophy tends."

The Hindu world-view embraces tolerance, empathy, non-violence, devotion and spiritual upliftment. Just as a person's relatives and friends know him according to his different characteristics, Hinduism relates to God in a similar manner, as people with different feelings address Him and approach Him in different ways. This multifaceted relationship is natural since we all love our parents and siblings, classmates and teachers, spouses and children in different ways. And they all address us in different ways as well. So not only do different faiths worship God differently, but within Hinduism itself. God is worshipped in different forms such as Krishna, Rama, etc.

Nandafalva was formed in 1979. In the beginning, the community practiced spiritual life in the original homestead, with one of the rooms serving as a temple. Today that house functions as a yoga monastery. Following thechange in regime in Hungary, more families moved to the Hungarian Plains farmland to find a spiritual oasis. The new temple, which combines traditional Hindu and Hungarian elements, was built in 2000.

The community conducts its activities under the auspices of the Hindu Vaishnava Church and the Hungarian Vaishnava Hindu Association. Religious, cultural and educational programs are organized on a regular basis in various public cultural and educational institutions. Any inquiries as well as spiritual or financial support are gladly accepted.

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Thank You for visiting us. We wish you good health and spiritual happiness!

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