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11th European Vaishnava Mela
Nandafalva, 1-8. august 2005.

Joyful summerdays in Nanda Falva
A small report from the Vaisnava
summer festival in Hungary, 2005

By Bhakti Shakti dasi

Dear visitors and devotees!

I would like to give you a short report from the 10th European Mela of the Vrinda family from Nanda Falva, Hungary.

This time the devotees could enjoy very special sadhu sanga because of the presence of many spiritual masters, sannyasis and disciples of different spiritual masters around the world. The Mela was conducted under the guidance of Srila Guru Maharaja and the nice hospitality of the Hungarian devotees and especially Srila Krishnananda acarya prabhu and Srila Harijan Maharaja.

Our special guests were His Grace Sadhu Maharaja from India, also His Grace Muni Maharaja from Vienna and His Grace Keshava Maharaja from Budapest who delivered lectures on different topics. Also Ishani mataji, disciple of Srila Bhakti Pramod Puri Goswami Maharaja and Tunga Vidya mataji with her son Madan Gopal prabhu from Slovenia, disciples of Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaja were present there.

In the mornings we were enlivened by the lectures of the different acharyas. During the day there were many seminars on guru tattva, spoon revolution, organic agriculture, virtual vaisnava universities and many other topics.

The evening programs were abundant of wonderful artistic presentations. Manah Siksa devi dasi from Sweden presented a musical opera on Sri Sikshastakam. The music was her composition and the text was translation of Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev Goswami Maharaja. Gandarvika devi dasi from Vienna gave a wonderful concert from her two albums accompanied by different devotees. Two wonderful theatre presentations we could see also one from Angira Muni prabhu from Colombia, called „Universal love”, and one from Gopesvara prabhu from Austria, „Rocky against Maya”.

Srila Guru Maharaja gave many initiations to new disciples from different countries Shyam das from Vienna, Hridoy Chaytania das and Chitralekha devi dasi from Germany, Govinda gyana devi dasi from Hungary, Sanatan das from Vienna, Jayanti from Switzerland, Hari Prem das from Sweden, Gourangi devi dasi from Switzerland. Srila Krishnananda acharya prabhu also gave initiation to a new disciple Sanatani devi dasi.

After the initiations there was a Vedic marriage ceremony for two couples Goura Mantra devi dasi and Badrinath prabhu from Hungary and Chitralekha devi dasi and prabhu Hridoy Chaitanya from Germany.

The evening kirtans were very spontaneous and ecstatic, mostly leaded by Srila Guru Maharaja and also by Srila Sadhu Maharaja with his famous „Radhe Radhe Govinda”. Srila Krishnananda acarya prabu also performed very ecstatic kirtans as always. The organization and the prasadam were perfect.

All the devotees were acting so organized and united in all the services in the Mela that we could feel the mood of real family which spontaneously takes care of each other like in the raganuga platform without any preliminary fixed duties but performing the things just out of love and care.

The last evening the devotees had organized a special farewell concert for Srila Gurudeva who was leaving to Vienna, and it was so touching and emotional hearing and seeing all the devotees expressing their feelings and love to him and to Srila Bhakti Abhay Narayan Maharaja, who is the founder acharya of this beautiful farm in Hungary. After this Srila Guru Maharaja personally said goodbye to every devotee there. It was decided that next year the Mela will take place again in Nanda Falva, giving joy to all the Vaishnavas.

It was a great blessing for all of us to have the association of Srila Guru Maharaj during these days. So wonderful to be in company with a group of such nice devotees, to taste the nectar of Krishna katha, to share experiences, to sing and chant together the names of the Lord and to take prasadam together. It was days of great joy and inspiration, which will be remembered in gratitude and happiness for long time.

Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay!
Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha Nandafalva ki jay!
10th European Mela ki Jay!
Vaishnava vrinda ki jay!

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