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Vaishnava Mela 2006 - Nandafalva
Dearly Respected Devotees, on behalf of the Nandafalva Devotees, please accept my respectful obeisances. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to invite you once again this year to Nandafalva for the famous Vaishnava Mela... full article >>

Spoon revolution
Srila Guru Maharaj is investing a lot of energy in this nice project started in Medellin mandir some time ago, called the Spoon Revolution. We ask everyone to share all materials in connection with the Spoon Revolution with the whole world.
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New VRINDA webprojects
For instance one of Gurumaharaj's new website makes possible to ask him questions there. Vrinda's mediaplayer is available for free, we can order Gurumaharaj's latest lectures, can browse through the latest photogalleries.

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Ninjai's latest adventures
The little Ninjai has already won our hearts. Now we can get to know his latest adventures. Caution: certain parts are very gory, but then there is available a lighter version, too.

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Srí Vyasapuja 2005 Peru


Vaishnava Mela 2002 (video CD series)


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