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The Benefits of Celibacy
It is seen in this world of promiscuity, that people are very anxious to enjoy sex life without taking into consideration the consequences of their actions. Celibate life is a beautiful tradition that comes from the great sages of former eras. They say that the sexual force is an immense ability that God has given to everyone. It is much more than a reproductive force...
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Govardhan Puja '92
The Govardhan festival is very edifying for all of us. The whole Truth is written in a very colourful and heart-touching, but very simple story. We can experience from it, that it's not worth taking shelter with anybody in the world, except God.
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Goura Purnima '87 - Philippines
Somehow rather talk to people about Mahaprabhu, talk about Mahaprabhu’s teachings, about His importance, His wish, and His life. In that way, talking to people, engaging people in Gaura-katha, and then we will take part in His mission.
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Taking shelter of Krsna
In Calcutta in my younger days, I was traveling in tram and my youngest son was with me. He was only two or two and a half years old. So the conductor, out of joke asked him, "Give me your fare." So he first of all said like this: " I have no money." So the conductor said, "Then you get down." full article >>


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