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Nandafalva panorama photo

Nandafalva temple interior
Seva Mela 2019Seva Mela 2019
Only hard work bear fruits. We are inviting you where you will need to work hard. But in return, you don't need to wait long for the results.
See the details...
Mela 2018 Nandafalva
XXIV. Vaishnava Mela
Anyone who's been to a Mela knows well what we get from this week. First it's spiritual upliftment, devotional service, good humor and association, deepening in various professional fields, quality prasada....

Our Facebook pages
The list is growing, but three pages are available here, our page taken care by BA Harijan, The Vegetarian one by BA Govinda Swami and one about the Melas by Paramatma Prabhu...

Nandafalva's updated Google+
Thanks to a recent development, Nandafalva's updated Google+ page and youtube channels of our sister sites will be accessible from here. The new Google+ page will store antiques and collections of videos not found elsewhere.

Nandafalva Melas website
Registration for new upcoming melas and all the photos and videos made by you can be found on this dedicated website.

Donations in 2016
Dear Friend, from this year the old "church 1%" can be only offered for the Hindu Vaishnava Community which works as an association. We DO NOT HAVE a technical number anymore.
Vrinda Philippine Sangha
Murahari Prabhu`s daughter, Jai Radharani started recently this community site for devotees. Join today!

Nandafalva panorama photos
[szeged, hindu, nandafalva, church, szeged panorama, hungary panorama]

Taken 10:35, 25/10/2009
By: Tibor

Mela podcast website
Listen to Premavilas Prabhu`s report of the event in a form of bhajans, kirtans and lectures. The audios can be found here.

Nandafalva Mela photos
Look at Jasodananda Prabhu`s and Premmandal Prabhu`s photos in the official album of Nandafalva.

Vrinda Family News
This new project started here in Argentina by the will of Srila Guru Maharaj, a new blogspot for distributing Vrinda news in english language around the world.
Process of initiation
The aspirant should associate with bona fide sadhu to get firm faith in God and worship God with different devotional forms to satisfy Him- mainly nine forms of devotion of which Nama-sankirtan is the best. We are to accept that which is congenial for His service and give up that which is prohibited...

The Benefits of Celibacy
It is seen in this world of promiscuity, that people are very anxious to enjoy sex life without taking into consideration the consequences of their actions. Celibate life is a beautiful tradition that comes from the great sages of former eras. They say that the sexual force is an immense ability that God has given to everyone. It is much more than a reproductive force...

Taking shelter of Krsna
In Calcutta in my younger days, I was traveling in tram and my youngest son was with me. He was only two or two and a half years old. So the conductor, out of joke asked him, "Give me your fare." So he first of all said like this:
" I have no money." So the conductor said, "Then you get down."

George William Russell: Krishna
I PAUSED beside the cabin door and saw the King of Kings at play. / Tumbled upon the grass I spied the little heavenly runaway./
The mother laughed upon the child made gay by its ecstatic morn, / And yet the sages spake of It as of the Ancient and Unborn...

Govardhan Puja 1992
The Govardhan story illustrates human faults. Indra in this story personifies all of us. Indra thought that he was the Lord of everything, the center of the universe, and he thought that the most important duty of people was to glorify him and pray to him...




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