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Nandafalva Hindu Temple
Open hours of the nandafalva temple, schedule of daily ceremonies, visiting requests
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The Sanctuary Park can be visited
Who would think that only 30 kms away from Opusztaszer, in the heart of the Balastya farmland a traffic jam accumulates around the Nandafalva Hindu Temple...

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Indian raja visiting Nandafalva
A rare and unique guest is comung to Nandafalva an Indian maharaja.Our special guest was born in a royal family. His father was the maharaja of the city of Mungir in the state of Bihar... (Open speach on Tuesday, 23rd September 18:00 PM)
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Hindu sanctuary-park opening
Redstone chapels have been shipped to Hungary not long ago from the indian state of Rajastan. The Hindu Temple near Szeged which is considered unique in Europe, will grow with the addition of seven hand-carved shrines on 9th August... full article >>

Mela 2008 - multimedia album
We had great expectations while preparing for the Mela this year, because the preparations of the Sanctuary Park required a well-organized program. For instance the Press, the Ambassador, the university teacher and the majors were our VIP guests...
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