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Dear Friend!

From year 2013 the old "church 1%" can be only offered for the
Hindu Vaisnava Közösség (Hindu Vaishnava Community -
tax number: 18298493-1-06) which works as an association.

We DO NOT HAVE a technical number anymore. Since we can only operate as a religious association, the tax ordered for churches we are no longer eligible for, so we are competing with other associations and foundations for the 1%. If you want to support a church, then you have some thirty to choose from.

The percentages sent to our Vaishnava Hindu Association (Vaisnava Hindu Egyesület) are used for the purposes of the Community. We ask that from now on in order to simplify the administration please mark Hindu Vaishnava Community as a beneficiary, instead of Vaishnava Hindu Association.

Thank you for your valuable help!
Haribol, B.A. Keshava


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